Ottawa Citizen says Research in Motion’s BlackBerry PlayBook is ‘the best tablet on the market’

Here’s a little rain to wash away the mud of bad pre-launch reviews: major newspaper the Ottawa Citizen ran an article bluntly stating that, in spite of a (temporary) lack of apps, Waterloo-based RIM’s PlayBook is “the best tablet on the market today.” 

It’s a bold statement, considering the general consensus. Then again, if you’ve actually used the device, it’s not terribly difficult to disagree.

Quoth the Ottawa Citizen:

The software the device runs on —provided by Ottawa’s QNX Software Systems —is easily the best mobile operating system (OS) available. QNX has done a masterful job of creating a mobile operating system that is fluid and fresh . . . The Playbook can handle amazingly heavy workloads . . . The device’s web browser gives the Playbook its biggest leg-up over competitors. It can run Java, HTML5 and Adobe System Inc.’s Flash., presenting the Internet in the same way a laptop or home computer would . . . Most important, and despite what others have reported, all of your web-based e-mail (including Hotmail, Gmail and corporate webmail systems) are served up quickly through the browser.

The article goes on in great detail, and does admit the tablet’s faults, such as no native email app with push notification (but email can still be accessed via apps that route to the web, and via push notifications when bridged to a BlackBerry smartphone), as well as its lack of video-chat software to pair with its forward-facing camera (again, a future-resolvable issue).

Basically, the hardware and the OS are done right, and everything that’s wrong with the device can be solved through future apps that will no doubt launch in due time.

What do you think of the BlackBerry PlayBook?