Second-annual Ottawa International Game Conference Takes Place May 29 to 31

The Ottawa International Game Conference, which showcases the innovations and emerging trends in the Ottawa and Canadian gaming industry, starts on Wednesday, May 29.

Founded by a consortium of game studios in 2012, the second annual OIGC is set to take place at the Ottawa Convention Centre and will “bring together the geek developers, whisky drinking business types, and artsy creatives,” event organizers say: “Keynote speakers will blow minds, dynamic panels may turn into shouting matches, exhibitors will give away tons of swag, and the parties are going to make us wish handheld cameras were never invented.”

Speakers at OIGC include Alex Lopez, an art director for Konami Digital; Anders Jeppsson, head of gaming at BlackBerry; Andy Smith, production manager at Get Set Game; and Ben Kane, the founder of Going Loud Studios. The event’s founding partners include Jean-Sylvain Sormany of Snowed In Studios, John Criswick of Magmic, and Scott Simpson of Playbrains.

“OIGC 2013 is a must-attend event for game developers, artists, students, industry recruiters, and the players who live, eat and breathe everything game-related,” organizers say. “The 2013 conference tracks are designed to cover all aspects of game development, from idea and market research, all the way through to the final polish. Beef up your current skills or learn about another aspect of the business. It’s all here at OIGC.”

One of the more hotly anticipated components of the event is the Microsoft Windows 8 Game Development Clinic, which features sessions that show you how to build games for Windows 8, including core Windows 8 concepts, development best practices, and cross-platform guidance for deploying  Windows 8 apps.

Here are the four tracks attendees can choose to participate in:

1. Consumer. “The Consumer track is designed to give conference attendees the opportunity to learn about the current and emerging consumer trends in the game industry. Influential speakers will help provide insight into what consumer habits will shape the future, while veteran game industry panelists review their successes and lessons learned.”

2. Business. “The Business track is intended to provide practical information on getting a game financed and running a profitable game studio. Whether you’re looking to start your own studio, get funding for an existing studio, or improve your company’s ability to generate revenue, the Business track is here to help.”

3. Developer. “
The Developer track will provide a wealth of knowledge to those with an interest in the technical side of game development. Listen and engage with game industry veterans from a wide range of development backgrounds. From indie to AAA studios, OIGC participants will learn about the tools and best practices required to build the best quality games on the market.”

4. Creative. “It’s hard to make a successful game without the creative individuals that set a game apart from the competition. With the Creative track, OIGC participants will engage with talented creative professionals that make the visual, sound and design decisions that give their games the polish needed to be a hit.”

The three-day event costs $495, but only $225 for independent developers and just $150 for students. Learn more or register here.