Ottawa startup Gloveslap is a social network that’s about competing online

A new startup has launched in Ottawa called Gloveslap.

Reminiscent of Strutta, which launched in February 2008 in Vancouver, Gloveslap Social Stadium is a social networking site based around competition. It’s designed for anyone to sign up and create a competition about anything.

Gloveslap claims to be unique because of its “highly sophisticated score-keeping system.”

Any gloveslap user has the ability to design a private or public competition about absolutely anything. Some examples include: best dancer, nicest smile, best job, and best recorded event of the day. The creator will decide what the competition is about, who can compete, who can anonymously vote for participants, and how the competition ends.

In the middle of it all, you will be browsing the community with a glove in your hand. Challenge anyone you want, anytime — all you have to do is gloveslap them.

The startup suggests four things to do on its site: Showcasing your talents by joining a competition, designing a game (participation in your designs isn’t necessary), holding a social election, and watching and instigating (“spectators”).