Ottawa’s 360pi Tops With Customers for Value and Satisfaction

Ottawa’s 360pi today revealed highlights from the company’s annual customer survey that reinforce the firm’s commitment to and reputation for exceptional service and value.

360pi, a leading provider of product intelligence for retailers and brands, employs the Net Promoter Score (NPS) methodology, pioneered by Bain & Company, that is premised on the extent to which a customer would be willing to refer a vendor to a friend or colleague.

360pi scored an NPS of 60 among its strategic accounts – large-scale retailers and brands. For comparison purposes, 360pi’s score of 60 puts it in the league of such revered world-class brands as Apple iPhone at 63, YouTube at 59, and Zappos at 57.

The NPS system is used by the world’s most respected companies and identifies those organizations firmly committed to delivering value to their clients.

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As well, more than 85% of 360pi customers report that the company is making a positive contribution to their business.

“We are honoured to have 360pi’s customers validate our commitment to serving and driving value for them, as evidenced by our world-class Net Promoter Score and being the only product intelligence company named to the RIS Leaderboard for the last two years,” said Alexander Rink, CEO, 360pi.

“I am pleased that the philosophy of customer success, which underlies the Net Promoter system and is one of 360pi’s core values, is resounding so clearly with the leading retailers and brands we serve.”