Ottawa’s Evizone Launches Freemium Service to Protect Mission-Critical Intellectual Property

The life of a cyber hacker just got harder, Evizone says. Customers using the Ottawa-based company’s technology leave nothing to hack.

Evizone protects mission-critical intellectual property (IP) and other confidential information with “the most complete and secure communication system commercially available.” And starting now, Evizone is offering its “no-files-left-behind” service on a freemium basis to any workgroup interested in protecting communications from cyber-attacks and corporate espionage.

The cyber-security cold war is real and expanding, the Canadian company notes. In December 2011, Bloomberg News reported that the networks of at least 760 companies, research universities, Internet service providers and government agencies were hit over the last decade by elite cyber spies who use a proverbial vacuum cleaner to suck IP out of organizations by the terabyte. An estimate of the value of the material stolen from US corporate computers in the last year clocks in at $500 billion.

“Using the new Evizone freemium service, workgroups can start communicating securely within 15 minutes of registering online at,” said Evizone CEO Andrew Coutts. “They will enjoy transmission of 1GB per month per account with a 1GB file size limit. Evizone’s Premium service is available at $25 per month per user based on 5 GB per user per month with a 2GB file size limit. Enterprise-wide subscription rates with fully customizable parameters are also available.”

Evizone’s no-files-left-behind communications only reside within the company’s dedicated servers, leaving no hackable copies on the user’s computers or elsewhere. Evizone’s messages and documents cannot be saved, copied, forwarded or printed. When required, Evizone also provides for the secure transfer of files without leaving a trace within the conventional email system or within the recipient’s browser cache and history.

“Unlike free single-user services, Evizone’s Freemium service for entire workgroups provides a full feature set for multiple users,” adds Andrew. “The strong customer–defined policy management capabilities of Evizone are part of the Freemium offering. Account administrators enforce and can customize security policies. For example, account administrators using Evizone can set minimum and maximum retention periods for all communications,” said Coutts.