Ottawa’s Qidiq Aims to Disrupt the Feedback Space

Have you ever visited a website where a window popped up asking you to take a quick survey to improve the company’s business? How about an email from a store you purchased something from? Maybe even a snail mail request?

Chances are, you have—and chances you, you didn’t take the survey. Most people are annoyed by them because they observe no immediate benefit or even a long-term benefit. Plus, they often take way too long. But in reality, these surveys are important: consumer or client feedback is critical to every business and it does help them improve their products and services. You do realize a benefit; it’s just not instant or transparent.

Knowing this, Jon Abrams co-founded Qidiq in Ottawa, leveraging assistance from local seed startup accelerator Year One Labs to grow wings more quickly. The palindrome company claims that its service is the “best way to get quick feedback from a group of people with super high response rates.”

Qidiq allows you to ask feedback questions that can be answered with a single click. By the time your customers see the question, they know their answer and can click it. … Qidiq is the best way to get responses from people no matter where they are or what they’re doing. No more begging for feedback. You ask a question, they click their answer. It couldn’t be any simpler.

Qidiq says that it can deliver response rates “up to 4x higher” than traditional surveys. The emails the company sends on your behalf can be customized to suit your brand. And the data Qidiq generates can be formed into an analytics report.

The service has a free option, but there are also three tiers of paid plans. At the bottom end is Lite, which for $10 per month offers 200 emails. Then there is Pro, which for $30 per month offers 2,500 emails. Finally, there is Premium, which for $100 per month offers 10,000 emails. The free plan offers 50 emails per month and does not support newsletter embedding like the paid plans.