Ottawa’s Shopify adds bricks to clicks

Ottawa’s Shopify announced today that they have hooked up with online point-of-sale provider ShopKeep to create the first point-of-sale system for brick-and-mortar retailers that is fully integrated online via Shopify.

ShopKeep allows brick-and-mortar retailers to ring up sales, take credit cards and cash, print receipts, track sales tax, manage inventory and track customers easily from their web browser. And, the ShopKeep Register keeps ringing customers up even when the internet is down.

The new Shopify-ShopKeep integration allows retailers to keep their inventory in sync whether the sales are coming via brick or click.

Create items in and they are automagically pushed to where you can add pictures and descriptions. When you sell an item at the point-of-sale within seconds the inventory is updated on When you sell an item on your inventory will also be adjusted.

This made-in-heaven integration could be the beginning of a NEW bricks-and-clicks model for small retailers.