Ottawa’s Shopify Surpasses $10M in Sales

Ottawa-based Jaded Pixel announced today that customers using its Shopify e-commerce platform have collectively sold more than US$10 million in products and services online. Pretty impressive considering they didn’t set out to make an e-commerce application – they were just two guys that wanted to sell designer snowboards online. After reviewing a bunch of e-commerce packages, they realized they’d be better off building their own and Shopify was born.

Since starting in 2005, Shopifyhas added more than 29,000 customer accounts worldwide and continues to grow its membership daily. Shopify is an e-commerce platform designed for individuals and small businesses that want to sell products through an easy to manage online storefront. The Shopify platform allows first-time sellers to have good-looking shop up and running in a matter of minutes. It is easily customizable without learning web development techniques or programming languages.

The platform gives store owners complete control over all transactions and includes an order tracking system that provides in-depth information on customer activity to help etailers improve and manage their business. Blogging connection – Scott Lake is a Founding Partner of Jaded Pixel, the President of Shopify, and a contributor at StartUpOttawa.