OurWorld is For Kids and It’s Making Money

Techflash is reporting that Seattle-based Flowplay has raised more money for it’s online world for kids, OurWorld.

The virtual world is growing by thousands and thousands of kids a day, which is evidently the reason for the investment. (Some of the company’s growth also is coming from overseas, since “ourWorld” has unexpectedly attracted a following in Turkey, Brazil and India.)  The kids can connect, shop, play games and chat on a colourful and multidimensional site. Developed for tweens (ages of 12 to 16), “ourWorld” costs $5.99 per month. Users pay for virtual goods – furniture for apartments, clothes for characters and gifts for friends–the average user spends about $6 per month on virtual goods.

Although last year, the company raised $3.7 million, FlowPlay founder and CEO Derrick Morton says the company has an additional $1 million, a relatively small round of financing that will propel FlowPlay to profitability this summer.

“OurWorld” has already attracted a whopping 1.3 million registered users. Many of those have signed up in the past two months following a crucial marketing partnership with the online gaming portal, Miniclip.That’s the same distributor that helped Kelowna startup Club Penguin which was sold to Disney for up to $700 million in 2007.

In the coming months, users are expected to surpass two million.  FlowPlay also has begun licensing the core virtual world technology.