Over-the-top humour a specialty of Edmonton’s just-launched Empire Avenue


Empire Avenue is headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, a city famous for a big mall and a hockey team that used to win a lot. It’s a great place to be during the hot summer, and in the winter… well… it’s just a few hours to the Rocky Mountains, so that’s good, right?”

This is what Empire Avenue itself has to say about its own headquarters locale—on a contact page titled “Contact us, really, please, we’re lonely.”

Empire Avenue, distinctly personified, has just launched today. But wait—don’t know what the heck it is yet?

Created by former BioWare, Electronic Arts and MySQL employees, Empire Avenue makes social media fun—and measurable—by tying users’ virtual share price on the site to activity, reach and engagement on external social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and blogs. The more active and influential a user is on the site and around the web, the higher their virtual share price.

For a more in-depth look, check out their newly released video here:

The company, which is an avid user (expectedly so) of Facebook and Twitter, just loves being goofy, as demonstrated quite clearly by the video and much of their copy and consumer engagement, not to mention the vibrant, cartoony graphics.