The Value of Accountability: How to Boost Your Career by Getting Things Done

Being accountable for their own results is a risk entrepreneurs and aspiring professionals must take.

Lots of companies want a culture of accountability to produce the best results and try to find different ways to implement it as a strategy. If an entrepreneur has no receivables or clients they do not pay their bills or rent but they also reap the benefits of owning their capacity to control their outcomes and revenue.

Mistakes can be forgiven when you own them and correct them quickly. When people take responsibility for their results there is no room for blame. Empowered people can make decisions in the best interest of the companies they work for when dealing with customers and discovering innovative solutions to challenges or processes in a business.

Empowerment, proven experience and confidence are the benefits of receiving the results desired which is good for personal growth. Success and failure tell us where we fell short or areas where more practice needs to be done.


Good for personal growth

Achieving goals and generating results builds confidence. Opinions from others matter less when objectives are being met and you are kicking ass at getting things done. It is hard to achieve something if you do not set goals or objectives.

Without a target it is hard to aim and hit anything; otherwise you are going through the motions of something with no purpose.


Success and failure

Accountability and integrity are good to link together. Excuses, lack of experience or valid reasons sometimes prohibit success. You may not knock down every wall before you but as long as you do find something where you are motivated to grow and succeed in despite the challenges you will eventually succeed if you are flexible, willing to change and grow. If things don’t work out as planned, it is what it is.

Failure is often a result of experimenting and trying something new that you haven’t done before. Whether you didn’t have the skills or resources, things may not turn out as ideally planned even when you are working hard. Owning up to it and not blaming anyone makes moving on easier. Sometimes it is legitimately external circumstances but now you know better from the experience and hopefully do not repeat the life lesson.


Own the results to build your career

Confidence, ignorance, and optimism do not always mix well in hindsight of my career to date but you do need the blind confidence to go after your goals and take action even if you get steam rolled a few times along the way. Failing Forward by John Maxwell highlights stories of how almost all achievers dealt with turbulence along their way to success. Not all projects will finish and some things are not meant to work out but if you persist and keep trying you will grow and evolve no matter what.

If you develop a consistent pattern of generating results and have a portfolio of completed projects/experiences, people will want to work with you or hire you based on your history and reputation of taking responsibility for your outcomes.