Paging Dr. iPhone…

Ever since Apple’s iPods and iPhone became ubiquitous, people have found new and interesting ways to accidentally smash, crush and otherwise damage their precious pocket media devices. But rather than waiting for the next iteration of gadgetry from Cupertino, Apple aficionados can now get their beloved toys repaired online at

Located in Toronto, specializes in “servicing, repairing and refurbishing all generations of the Apple iPod and iPhone.” Quotes and diagnosis is free of charge and, according to their site, completed in 15 minutes. They also match the one year warranty that comes with the device (which makes sense, as opening the device voids the Apple warranty.)

If you can’t make it to their repair centre (and if you don’t live in Toronto, that’s pretty much guaranteed), boasts a 24-hour response on all repair pricing. You choose your iPod or iPhone model online, use the shipping calculator to pre-pay return shipping, and send your defective gadget. They diagnose the device, send back a quote, and within 24 hours it should be up and running.

Interestingly, the site also claims they can jailbreak, unlock and back up all your music and files, which Apple may or may not be able to do anything about.