Panels promises to be a deep dive into links

We’re all familiar with the “more information” popups—like Snap Shots—that blanket popular Web sites, these days. So why would be excited that another one has entered the market?

Two reasons: 1) This one is from Portland and 2) This promises a much more relevant collection of information.

Meet Panels, a multitabbed information popup that provides company details like basic company and contact info, URL, logo, and summary; a full preview of the home page, stats, tags and other goodies about the actual web site/blog; a place for geographic data; headlines, blog posts, news, press releases and more from a variety of sources; and employment listings.

That’s a lot of information for one little box. But Craig Barnes, one of Portland’s more well-konw serial entreprenuers, is looking to make it work.

We’re going to start testing it out quietly on a handful of selected blogs and websites in various markets before making a lot of noise or turning on the ability for it to “go viral” – which we hope and expect it will. Not all of the features are in yet, but the panels are already quite useful, and delivering a rewarding user experience and improved metrics by any measure.

Panels is currently in private beta. For more information on the product or to register for the private beta, see Craig Barnes’ post announcing Panels.