Paperless in Vancouver

Great local ‘green’ success story in this month’s issue of PROFIT MagazineProvident Security‘s Michael Jagger tells the story of how his security business made the decision to fo paperless three years ago and they haven’t looked back.

That’s because in the 10 years since starting his one-man security guard operation in 1996, the firm had exploded into a full-service security provider with more than 200 employees and 4,500 customers. In the blink of an eye, it seemed, Jagger was drowning in paper and administrivia when he should have been focusing on business strategies.

“If you don’t have control over every aspect of your business when you have a few thousand clients, what will happen when you are 10—or a hundred—times bigger?” asks Jagger. “To replicate the client experience we offered when we started out, we knew we’d need to spend our time and money on customer service, not administration.” So, in 2006, he began pulling the plug on his photocopiers, fax machines and printers.

PROFIT’s Laura Pratt reinforces her story with some surprising stats. According to a survey by Montreal’s Léger Marketing, Canadian workers print an average of 30 pages of work-related documents a day.

So, how many pages are you going to print today?