Parachute: A Canadian Startup’s Take on Homebrewing Great Coffee the Right Way

I’ve been obsessed with good coffee since I’ve been an adult (if, arguably, I am one now). Through three million miles on the road, drinking coffee was amazing and terrible and everything in between.

I’ve learned that you need two things for a truly superb cup of coffee:

  • The ideal coffee beans.
  • The perfect method of preparation.

Anything else is, as they say, all palaver.

Recently I met a Toronto-based coffee startup that has already proven that they have the answer to the first prong and, this week, is about to prove they they have the answer to the second.

Parachute Coffee is the beanchild of Michael Potters and Jake Van Buskirk. Until now, their business has been uniquely focused on a coffee subscription service, which allows you to get a pound of Canadian-roasted beans each month. That’s cool and it fills a space in the market. But acquiring the ideal coffee beans is only one part of the equation above.

Just this week Parachute launched their Brew Kit program, which makes the perfect cup of coffee a painless process. I’ll let the Parachute team explain it for you.



Allow me a momentary digression here. If you’re as into coffee as I am, you know that making great coffee is actually seriously hard. Making bad to mediocre coffee is easy.

The Parachute Brew Kit system is totally idiot-proof, which means that I and other startup folks will be able to successfully use it. In all seriousness, as someone who has traveled three million miles and sought out the best coffee all over the world, the Parachute system not only works, the Hario + Clever combination is simple technology that’s widely accepted as working very well.

Michael (the lead guy from the video) explains Parachute’s value proposition.

“We’ll send you awesome coffee each month, but if you don’t have the right equipment, your coffee will still be crappy. The Brew Kit solves this problem,” he says. “You control all of the right variables yourself—grind size, brew time, dosage. The only variable that should change is the type of coffee we send you—that’s the exciting part.”

Coffee, like most fun things in life, is best done with someone else.

“We designed the entire experience to be very shareable and giftable. When you open the box, you’ll be brewing right away,” continues Michael. “Fresh coffee, equipment, filters, it’s all there. You just need hot water.”

Your new friends at Parachute also has a very helpful coffee blog devoted to pursuit of coffee perfection. You should check them out and let them help fuel your day and your startup.