Parking Mobility launches Disabled Parking iPhone App trial in Vancouver

This morning Vancouver startup Parking Mobility officially announced the launch of its car reporting application for the iPhone in the City of Vancouver. Parking Mobility allows citizens to report when they see a car parked in a disabled parking spot without a disability placard and share that data with the city. If all goes as planned as is the case with a City of Vancouver trial, cities will take this information and send a ticket to the owner of the car.

“This is a very powerful application for improving accessibility,” added Jane Dyson, Executive Director of the British Columbia Coalition of People with Disabilities. “Parking Mobility allows us to take meaningful action when cars are parked in disabled parking spots without a disability placard.”

Users can report cars parked in disabled parking by downloading Parking Mobility for free to their iPhone from the Apple AppStore. When they see a car parked illegally, they capture four photos of the car and submit it instantly from their phone. The application also enables citizens to identify locations of disabled parking, information which is shared with other users on their phone and the web.

If Parking Mobility takes off it will both help to improve disabled parking accessibility and help cities to provide more effective parking enforcement and generate additional revenue without the deployment of additional resources.