ParkVu Launches i2B BlackBerry App

Waterloo based ParkVu has launched i2b, the company’s first BlackBerry application. i2b allows users of the Blackberry Storm, Bold and Curve to remotely access music from their iTunes library. Future releases will support the BlackBerry Pearl and Pearl Flip phones.

ParkVu’s i2b application provides users the ability to listen to their favorite songs from anywhere. The music is streamed over Wi-Fi or cellular networks, there is no limit to the amount of songs that can be downloaded. ParkVu’s co-founder Terry Goertz says “i2b finally makes music mobile”, users no longer have to plug in their Blackberry to a computer, they can access their music anytime anywhere. Even when a user’s home computer is turned off around 100 songs (1 GB) of their favorite playlists are available on demand from the i2b cloud.

ParkVu’s i2b application is now available on a $2.99 monthly plan.