PasswordBox Launches 1-Tap Login to Solve Mobile App Sign In

Montreal’s PasswordBox announced today the launch of 1-Tap login to apps and websites (via smartphone internet browsers).

This patent-pending technology makes logging in and browsing the web on smartphones and tablets faster, easier and more secure with 1-Tap integration.

1-Tap solves the most common mobile frustrations around logging in including when your device automatically logs you out of an app and you can’t remember the password. Grrr.



1-Tap is the newest PasswordBox feature, building on its secure password sharing, digital death management (they acquired Legacy Locker) and instant login to favorite websites and mobile apps. PasswordBox was named the best mobile app at CES last month. 

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According to their press release today, 1-Tap solves a problem that the biggest tech companies in the world haven’t been able to – how to allow apps to interact across mobile platforms while delivering 1-Tap execution for the most popular daily mobile actions.

“Apps have never been able to interact this way on iOS and Android.  We had to solve a lot of pretty big technical hurdles to build our patent-pending 1-Tap technology that continues the PasswordBox experience into other apps, while keeping your personal data secure,” said Daniel Robichaud, CEO of PasswordBox. 

“With biometric technology on the rise, PasswordBox is ready to bridge the gap between those advancements and all of the software and websites we use on a daily basis. As a neutral party, we’re the only solution that works across devices, platforms and mobile applications.”