Patent Troll Slams RIM with Infringement Lawsuit Over Something You Wouldn’t Expect

When will RIM catch a break? It was only last month that Dutch semiconductor company NXP sued the Waterloo-based BlackBerry maker for patent infringement. Now, a patent troll has emerged from the shadows to kick RIM while it’s down.

Seattle-based shell company Hunter Point Ventures has come forth to claim that RIM’s smartphones violate a “method for musical playlist selection in a portable audio device” that it owns. Specifically, HPV says RIM is infringing on US Patent 7667123.

Executives at a company called Interactive Objects applied for the patent, which has since been transferred to Hunter Point, in 2001. Strange that the troll would target RIM for this—BlackBerrys aren’t commonly considered music players or entertainment devices, especially when compared to something like Apple’s iPod or iPhone.