Pathful Captures Every Element of Visitor Interactions, Supplements Google Analytics

Vancouver startup Pathful is all about web analytics.

I know what you’re thinking, you’re using Google Analytics with your website so why would you need anything else.

According to Pathful cofounder and CEO Campbell MacDonald, “web analytics are great for businesses that are online but the problem with Google Analytics is that they focus on page views. So unless you’re an ad or page view driven business it doesn’t really provide you with what you need.”

So how is Pathful different? Unlike Google Analytics, Pathful captures every visitor interaction with every element: image, text and button, on a website. What does this mean?

It means that every visitor interaction with every element on a website is captured. Every click, swipe, touch, pinch and zoom, hover, and even idle. In essence, every conceivable web-based interaction on your site is captured giving you a rich data set without having specified anything other than which pages you want to measure.

Setting up Pathful is a breeze. With one line of javascript, your developer can be done in 60 seconds. But more importantly, there is no “tagging” of events as required by Google Analytics. According to MacDonald, “simply set it and forget it, until you want to ask questions.”

Pathful captures all possible measurement data (views, interactions and clicks) which means that all your data is there whenever you want it. You can get results on-demand instead of waiting weeks for the data capture and analysis. “It’s like a time-machine going back to see what you wished you measured.”

According to Boris Mann of Full Stack Foundry, the Pathful team “is tackling the problem of ‘How do I improve my site?’ with something that goes beyond analytics. Capturing 10x more data than other solutions and then extracting the actionable gems.”

Pathful doesn’t claim to understand your business better than you but they do promise to uncover insights for you. Who is buying and why? Who is not converting and what can be done? Who is close to buying but need one final push?

What you do with those insights is up to you.

Pathful was cofounded by MacDonald, Dominic Linder, and Boris Lau and originally launched as Ockamo at Launch Academy’s inaugural demo day. Mobify, Layer 7, Unbounce, and WiderFunnel are early-adopting customers.