Payfirma Announces Beta for Bitcoin API

Payfirma is launching a Bitcoin API.

The API allows businesses to accept Bitcoin along with other traditional payment methods.

 Consumer preference and payment methods are changing, the Vancouver payments company says, so it’s important for businesses to quickly adapt and offer payment options: in-store, online, via mobile, and with alternative currencies.

Through a partnership with BitPay, Payfirma’s Bitcoin API allows beta users to accept bitcoin as a payment method with an integration directly connected to their Payfirma account. With the ability to embed it into the eCommerce checkout experience, users can see purchases and refunds made with Bitcoin that are automatically exchanged into dollars (USD or CAD) at a verified exchange rate.

“Today’s consumers are adopting new payment technologies, like Bitcoin, at a rapid pace,” says Payfirma CEO, Michael Gokturk. “We’re always iterating and innovating at Payfirma.”