PeaceGeeks Launches Amani, an Open-source Platform for Nonprofits to Deploy Websites

Vancouver-based non-profit PeaceGeeks this week launched a new platform which the company says will allow other non-profits to rapidly deploy websites with crisis mapping and content management capabilities.

PeaceGeeks will use the platform, dubbed Amani, to “deploy new sites to its partners, grassroots organizations in developing and conflict-affected areas who work on issues related to the promotion of peace, accountability and human rights.” According to the Canadian company, Amani will help these partner organizations spotlight key issues in their communities through enabling them to share their stories, collect data, and map critical issues affecting their communities in real time.

Earlier users of Amani include Isis-WCCE, Saathi, and the Global Network of Women Peacebuilders.

“PeaceGeeks is committed to empowering our partners in the work that they’re doing in their communities. Through the efforts of our volunteers and sponsors in the development of Amani, PeaceGeeks will be better able to fulfill this commitment,” explains founder Renee Black. “Amani will not only enable PeaceGeeks to help more partners more quickly, the platform will allow our partners to better tell their stories and engage their communities on critical peace and human rights issues affecting them.”