Pebble Smartwatch Coming to Canada Through Best Buy and Future Shop

The Pebble Smartwatch, which shattered multiple crowdfunding records during its $10-million campaign on Kickstarter last year, is finally coming to retailers in Canada.

The device, built by a Canadian entrepreneur who originally sold a BlackBerry-compatible version in Canada, will be available through Best Buy and Future Shop via preorder starting tomorrow. Expected to ship in mid-November, the iOS- and Android-compatible companion device will cost $150.

“The Pebble smartwatch launched from the most successful kickstarter campaign to date and has been on high demand since its release earlier this year,” says Phil Johnston, Director of Portable Solutions for Best Buy Canada. “Wearable technology is a hugely growing product category, and Pebble is on the cutting edge of the space.”

The Pebble is waterproof, with a battery that lasts up to seven days and an e-paper display (that is not touch-controlled).