Pebble Smartwatch Gets Future-Proofed With Bluetooth Upgrade… But Only 10,000 Are Left!

Pebble, the smartwatch from Waterloo-born startup Allerta, which was founded by a Vancouver entrepreneur, will be getting an upgrade in technology Bluetooth 4.0—and it hasn’t even been made yet. The wrist device, which is by far the most-funded Kickstarter campaign of all time, is now “future-proofed,” as the Pebble team describes it in their most recent update on Kickstarter.

On Techvibes, we recently wondered if Pebble could crack the $10 million milestone. It appears that this may be impossible now: Allerta self-imposed a limit of 85,000 Pebbles (they sit at just over 75,000 now), which would take them very close to $10 million but probably not past it (depending on which tiers the backers pledge in).

The limit suggests confidence on Pebble’s behalf, and will apply a subtle pressure to those still sitting on the fence, almost guaranteeing that Allerta will hit the 85,000 ceiling. Plus, the Bluetooth upgrade will entice more potential purchasers.

There are 10 days left to raise the remaining $900,000—an easy feat for this now-legendary product based on its historical daily gains.  If you’re not sure about buying a Pebble via Kickstarter, keep these two things in mind: backers get Pebbles for $115, but it will retail for $150; and backers will get their Pebble at least a couple months before anyone else (manufacturing and shipping 85,000 smartwatches doesn’t happen overnight, especially for a startup).