Pebble Works with Mercedes to Create Car-savvy Smartwatch

A new smartwatch with an automotive focus is in the works.

Showcased at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week, luxury automaker Mercedes-Benz unveiled a smartwatch that communicates directly with its owner’s car. The watch was developed by Pebble, which was founed by Canadian entrepreneur Eric Migicovsky.

The smartwatch coordinates with Mercedes’ Digital DriveStyle app, functioning as a “second screen” for a smartphone. The watch can give out signals during accidents, road work, and other obstructions, as well as display vehicle information like fuel and door-lock status.

Mercedes is one of many automakers around the world vying to be at the forefront of integration with modern technology, namely mobile devices and wearable gadgets.

“Our consumers have clearly appreciated our initiatives and we enter 2014 with a clear promise of delivering ‘Excellence,'” said Eberhard Kern, the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Mercedes-Benz India.