PEER 1 gets creative in the UK

Long-time Techvibes supporter PEER1 continues up an impressive growth trajectory and this week that included expansion into Europe. They’re hiring like mad and the always creative PEER 1 team is doing a couple unique things to insure that new hires are committed to delivering outstanding customer service.

This is from their blog:

Today we announced our venture into the UK, with new headquarters in Southampton to support our European expansion. We’ve also launched a new recruiting drive to find “Sales Supremos, Technical Gods, Data Center Managers and a Network Guru”, and we’re damn serious about it. So much so, we’ll pay you to leave. We’re offering to pay all successful new employees £1,000 (approx. $1,400 US) if they want to give up their jobs in the first two weeks. We want to ensure we only employ those who are fully committed to delivering outstanding customer service.

Employees will enjoy benefits including ‘Dress Up Smart Day’ once a month and ‘Free Food Day’ the day before payday. We’ll also run ‘Cock-up of the Month’ (love the British slang), an opportunity to learn from and celebrate mistakes, as well as having PlayStations in the office and ‘Beer O’Clock’ at 4pm on Friday to let off steam.