People Spread Awesome – Scott Stratten at #SMCV10

“I plan to be so good your brain is going to explode,” stated Scott Stratten, author of Peter Shankman, Scott Stratten knows how to keep the audience engaged.  If all the discussions were Youtube videos, Scott’s would be the one that went viral out of the bunch- mostly because it was hilarious. His statements were funny, engaging and purposefully about 140 characters long – crafted perfect to get tweeted and retweeted by the audience- and they were! Many left the room with reinforced vigor about social media and what it takes to be successful.

Scott contradicted many of the other presenters at smvc10 who stressed the importance of ROI in social media,  “Every time you ask for your ROI a kitten and a unicorn dies somewhere.” He was literally jumping up and down and waving his hands in the air to remind us that “Awesome Frickin Content” is key.  If you are going to write a blog post it better be awesome or don’t post it – as Scott said, “People spread awesome. Not meh!”  

Scott also reminded us that social media is not new, it’s simply talking- and that relationships via social outlets take time to build.  His success on Twitter was no mistake; he chose the platform to help build his success.  He joined Twitter in April ’08 and like most of us, thought it was stupid. People were simply talking about boring things like what they ate for lunch. He found it hard to keep up any sort of momentum. Sound familiar? In Jan 1st 2009 he invested his “social currency”, took 30 days to tweet almost 7000 times and increased his following from 1,200 followers to 10,000. If you want to build a following, Scott suggests getting re-tweeted.  As a true practitioner, Scott has made it his job to get re-tweeted. In fact, he has now tweeted over 60,000 times and of those tweets, he said that 75% were replies!

So in order to thank Scott Stratten for his unforgettable talk, I have compiled a list of the top 5 re-tweeted quotes from his discussion. Re-tweet one of them and see if he replies!  I dare you. It may even help your Klout score.


5. The Best SEO is Awesome Frickin Content.

4. If your business sucks in the real world, it’s really going to suck in the social media world.

3. My job is not to be the jackass whisperer.

2. Every time you ask for the ROI of Twitter a kitten dies… and a unicorn.

1. People spread Awesome not Meh.

So what was the final take-away. Amongst Scott’s golden nuggets, the one thing that stuck the most was his comment that we are part of a generation of people who all have to become self-marketers. There is no such thing as marketing as a job. Simply put – everyone must do it in order to succeed. So on that note, make sure to tweet @nicolesorochan if you like my post! I would love to hear from you.