People with digital reading devices spend more time reading than those without

kindleTablet and e-reader owners spend up to 50% more time reading newspapers and books than those without such devices, according to a Harrison Group poll.

Not only do they read more, but they’re also 20% more likely to pay for content.

Supposedly, this extra reading time comes from less television watching (unsurprising) and less web surfing (very surprising).

But the poll should probably be taken with a grain of salt, as the Los Angeles Times notes that “the findings conveniently fit with the agenda of the two companies that commissioned the survey—Zinio, a San Francisco start-up that sells magazines on tablet devices, and Qualcomm, a San Diego technology company that makes semiconductors and displays for digital readers.”

Well, I am definitely an exception to this poll’s results, owning nor wanting neither a tablet nor e-reader, but still reading more than virtually anyone I know. In a few years I may be known as “the prehistoric tech blogger” or something. But I’m clinging to paper ’til death do us part. Of course, that may be pretty soon—if digital readers not only read more, but pay more, the business model of a print publication is looking less and less viable by the day.