How to Harness the Power of Your Personal Brand

“Character may almost be called the most effective means of persuasion.” – Aristotle

Society has trust in brands—whether is it a well-placed celebrity spokesperson endorsing a product or you are choosing which toothpaste to purchase, we live in a world where trust and exchange of dollars need to be tied to a perceived value or differentiating factor. Unless you have golden arches branding like McDonald’s, you need to help make it easy for people to buy you.

Your reputation personally and professionally is tied to your personal brand which is how you conduct yourself around others and the sum of your personal experiences and education that define your character.


Whether it is a potential employer or a prospective new client, people are going to Google your name to see what comes up about you. Why not give a presentation?

By having a portfolio of your work online and a personal site, prospective clients or employers can assess your skills as they would when researching a car to purchase before going into the dealership. Testimonials, case studies or accomplishments all help you.

You are not being egotistical about yourself; you are not selling yourself in a world that demands you do. It is expected if you are a creative professional to have a site and job seekers may find blanks in job applications for personal pages, Twitter accounts and Facebook links.


Celebrities and musicians know the importance of their brands. If you look at KISS, Mick Jagger or Lenny Kravtiz, you will find strength in character that has allowed them to build loyal fans and a sustainable career based on their passions and skills in branding and business.

The entertainment culture is transferring over to the business world and life in general with the existence of the internet. They say CEOs are the new celebrities but everyone is entitled and should feel comfortable having their own unique sense of self style and personal style for how you present yourself to the world.


I had a conversation with someone at an event recently that said, “Without a name and a brand you are disposable; I don’t want to be disposable to anyone.” How do you make yourself valuable and stand out? Go the extra mile; take extra responsibility or full accountability for your career or business.

The best people to work with are those that share similar values or have enough emotional intelligence to be conscious of how to work with people that have different personalities and backgrounds. Your personal brand is your relationship with others.

If you are able to differentiate yourself enough from another alternative than you really do not have any competition if you are not comparable. Read the book Blue Ocean Strategy. If you deliver excellent work, are on time, and a pleasure to do business with, then why would anyone want to leave your services for another option. Your brand breeds or diminishes loyalty or makes competition irrelevant.

Not everyone is going to buy into your brand and that’s okay. You want to work with, associate and hang around with people that you are comfortable and share some values with or can at least meet in the middle and be comfortable communicating and collaborating in business or life with.


The most successful sales people are those that know themselves and how to tailor their behaviour when attempting to initiate and close business with diverse groups of people. Using your own authenticity, philosophy and values in business and life help build a brand of integrity.

People tend to trust and want to have ongoing relationships with people who have integrity. They will also pay a premium for talents and abilities based on your presentation, experience and confidence.


What is your sparkle? It is not being flamboyant or egotistical to tell people the successes you have had; in fact you are blocking your own opportunities by not telling people that you are competent to achieve results.

It is great to watch people step into the light. They are ready to put themselves out there, are conscious of their image and want the world to know their story, which is a bit of a vulnerable undertaking. If you are not comfortable figuring out what makes you unique, hire a copy writer to uncover your unique gifts that distinguish you from others. 

Buy your domain name, publish a site, it can be a basic landing page. It is affordable and impressionable. Your brand is your future whether you are an employee or an entrepreneur.