Another Photo Leak of RIM’s Forthcoming Flagship BlackBerry Device

We’re less than a month away from Research In Motion’s big BlackBerry 10 unveiling. We’ve already seen a few photo leaks, but the closer we get to an official launch, the more likely they are to be accurate.

Today’s photo sandwiches two all-touch flagship BlackBerrys between an iPhone 4S. A source told Business Insider that the build quality of the smartphone is “really nice” and that the screen looks “great.” They also noted that the web browser is very quick, which doesn’t surprise us.

RIM is slated to launch BB10 on January 30th, with this all-touch device expected to be available for sale shortly after. And by now there’s more than enough evidence to suggest that the final device will look exactly, or at least very similar, to what you observe above.

Photo: BI