PickupPal Makes Ride Sharing Easy For A Green Planet

Just in time to save the world from rising fuel prices, resource depletion and climate change, Web 2.0 is helping us all go green and keep plugging along. The latest example of this is PickupPal, offering an Eco-Rideshare program for people to get to events and festivals without clogging up the roads. Anyone who has ever gotten stuck in traffic on the way to a baseball game or concert can definitely relate. If you’re going somewhere anyway, why not go with a group of new eco-friendly car-share buddies? The world’s first online transportation marketplace is gaining a lot of new members and attention as gas prices go ever higher. In the past month, PickupPal has signed partner contracts with over 30 prominent organizations including: Reverbrock.org, Virgin Festival Canada, the Montreal Jazz Festival, Dave Matthews Band, Ottawa Bluesfest, Subaru Triathlon Series, Clean Air Foundation, real world unified communications provider Mitel(R), and others. Andrew Bridge, Directore of Virgin Festival Canada, is an enthusiastic convert. “We’re always on the lookout for fresh new ways to keep Virgin Festival as green as we can. One of the biggest contributors to the climate crisis is the smog and emissions from vehicles… What’s not to love?” Technology isn’t going to save the world from environmental exhaustion all by itself. But the Internet’s ability to facilitate painless changes to our usual unsustainable habits by simply giving us greener and more convenient options will certainly help us stave off polar bear extinction for a few more years.