Pixel to Product: A call to action for Canada’s digital media realm

What is digital media? What is the size of the industry? How about the scope?

You can certainly make an educated guess, but the fact is, the industry is vague. It’s fogged by grey areas. It’s unpolished, unfinished, undefined.

Justin Kozuch has set out to change all this. Justin, who has been a Techvibes contributor, and who recently won a $40,000 mesh prize, has launched Pixel to Product. This call to action challenges everyone involved in the industry—from industry partners to the average joe—to assist with Justin’s project. A slideshow on the project’s website explains the process very well.

The simplest, easiest ways to contribute your efforts are through social media: Following the project on Twitter at www.twitter.com/49Pixels and “Liking” the Facebook Fan Page at www.facebook.com/49Pixels. You can also link this blog post, or his website, to any social media outlet or communication network. You can also directly “answer the call to action” at www.49pixels.ca/letsgo.