Pizza Hut Now Lets Customers Track the Making and Delivery of Their Pizza in Real Time

Tired of pizza joints not delivering on their promise of fast, hot pizza? Tired of not knowing when it’s coming?

Pizza Hut wants to fix all that by bringing “mind-blowing pizza technology” to Canadians with Pizza Hut LIVE Nav.  

Raising the bar in Canada’s quick service food industry, Pizza Hut is introducing a real-time tracking system that allows consumers to follow their pizza delivery through a unique, live, online GPS tracking feature.



Customers will be alerted, via email, of when their pizza is being prepared, goes in the oven, on delivery, how long it will take until it arrives, and when the driver is getting close.

Pizza Hut LIVE NAV is available in select Ottawa restaurants and will roll out to additional locations in Canada this year.

“We’re thrilled to bring our new Pizza Hut LIVE Nav to Canada for the first-time,” says Jennifer Ligotti, Marketing Portfolio Manager, Pizza Hut. “Our new platform will change the way we do business, while streamlining our driver delivery process to ensure the utmost efficiency and the best, hottest pizza.”

With more than 12,800 locations in over 90 countries, Pizza Hut—a subsidiary of Yum! Brands—is the world’s largest pizza restaurant company.