Pizza Pizza Gets 111,111 Orders Through Mobile App in 6 Months

15Pizza Pizza launched its iOS app 6 months ago, and since then the Canadian pizza chain has received 111,111 orders through the mobile app. The award-winning app, developed by Toronto agency Plastic Mobile, was the first of its kind in Canada.

“The launch has exceeded our expectations and it’s clear that our customers love the added convenience we’ve delivered,” said Pat Finelli, Chief Marketing Officer for Pizza Pizza. “Embracing new technologies has been invaluable to us in our industry. We’ve had the opportunity to be first in a lot of things, and we’re delighted to have added this mobile app to the list.”

“The beauty of the Pizza Pizza Ordering App lies in its fast and intuitive user experience,” says Plastic Mobile’s COO, Melody Adhami. “That Pizza Pizza has reached 111,111 orders so quickly is not only a tribute to the ease-of-use and intelligent design of the app, but also a testament to the extreme customer convenience of the growing mobile market.” 

The Pizza Pizza iOS app, which is universally available for the iPhone, iPod, and iPad, has earned numerous accolades since launching, including a #1 Lifestyle App ranking in Apple’s iTunes store, a Webby Award in the category of Mobile Shopping for Handheld Devices, a Canadian Marketing Association Award in the Digital Interactive Retail Category, a W3 Award for Design and Navigation, and two Davey Awards.