Pizza Pizza only Canadian company to win a mobile Webby

The Webby Award winners have been announced and with them you’ll find the regular array of funny videos, cool ideas and internet sensations you’d expect from this prestigious ceremony but the mobile and app category caught my eye this year. Most of the time this award goes to some big American company but this year it was Pizza Pizza (who worked with Canadian company Plastic Mobile to create the app) to come home with the prize.

The app in question is deceptively simple. It lets you order pizza. This may not sound mind blowing at first but once you actually play around with it and see just how easy they make the process you’ll be wondering why other companies haven’t done it themselves.

The app has an intuitive interface with a slick look but my favourite feature is the one click ordering you can do through a ‘last order’ button that does exactly what you would expect it to do. Also included are a store locater that uses gps to find the nearest location and other simple to use tools.

The app is currently iPhone only which being an Android fan I find irritating but I guess I can cope. Download the app here.

One warning though, downloading this free app is guaranteed to make you gain 10 pounds.