PlanetEye: I’ve Been Everywhere, Man, I’ve Been Everywhere, Man

PlanetEye is an online travel planning service for travelers looking to easily and quickly research, organize and share their trips. The startup out of Toronto is just one of a whole shwack of travel media sites out there, but its geotagging photo capability and attractive interactive maps that allow for easy access to detailed local info from a hastily-mustered international army of contributors make this new enterprise a definite competitor for best of breed.

Some might question the need for another site like this in an age of rising fuel costs that have put a damper on the travel industry in North America. But in my opinion, sites like this are going to become even more popular in the years ahead as the cost of fuel goes up even more. People are still going to take vacations — they will just plan them better than they used to, packing in more activities in a smaller area. Locals will also take more advantage of the scenes and sights of their own burgs. The refrain that “I’ve never actually been to XYZ popular tourist attraction in my own city” will become ever rarer as people use resources like PlanetEye to get out and about.

I’m actually a bit choked at just how easy it is to get around in a strange city these days. I remember touring around Europe with a dog-eared Lonely Planet back in the days when Internet cafes were just a dream. If you wanted to get from your hotel to an assortment of really cool places in an efficient manner, you brought a map and a sad crumpled assortment of brochures crammed into your pockets and hand-luggage.

My younger colleagues may never appreciate just how convenient simple travel sites are for giving clueless foreigners with a laptop the rough equivalent of local knowledge. Indeed, reliable, up-to-date, easy-to-access travel information is one of the great success stories of the Internet.

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