Play against the pros with Game Dunzo

Other companies have launched websites that let you earn money by playing video games, but Game Dunzo has a new wrinkle on the idea: play against the best. Like, in the entire world.

Game Dunzo has a roster of over 20 champions of various console games, titles like Madden, NBA Live and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. They’ve all earned thousands in cash by competing in various tournaments around the U.S., and now they play for Game Dunzo, against all takers.

You can still play against amateurs, wager money on outcomes and have fun meeting new people. Game Dunzo also runs free tournaments with cash prizes and has a few interesting social networking aspects; for example, they have “GameTube,” where users can upload highlights of their matches or make “tips and tricks”-type videos for others to learn from.

Game Dunzo only launched last week, and it’s clear the site has some growing to do; membership is only around 1,000 at present, and it can be hard to find a spontaneous game, for instance. But with a huge selection of titles to play and a challenging concept, it could turn some heads in the near future.

Mississauga’s Tamoor Shafi is the President of Game Dunzo LLC and attends Mcmaster University Degroote School of Business.