Play to Improve Your Business: Event with Ayogo’s Michael Fergusson

The International Internet Marketing Association is holding a presentation on Wednesday night with Ayogo‘s Michael Fergusson about applying the principles of gaming to your everyday business model.  Alongside Selma Zafar of Openroad Communications, the event promises to teach you key things when it comes to social media, gaming and improving your business’s engagement to its customers.

What you’ll learn: Are you rewarding, or punishing your customers for engaging with you? In this talk, you will learn:

  • How play is essential to how we learn, socialize, compete, consume
  • Examples of where game design principles have been applied successfully in business applications
  • The underlying human instincts that makes play engaging, and how to trigger the
  • Practical techniques you can use to get results right away

Catching up with Michael, here are a few relevant FAQ’s from the man himself.

Why is play so important?

Great question. When most people think of games and play they think of it as wasting time, because we use a pretty narrow definition of games. We often think of solitaire, and Quake and Halo and so forth. However, play is more fundamental than that: play is key to how we learn, how we communicate, how we compete and bond socially. It is totally essential to nearly everything that we do. Counter-intuitively, what a lot of companies do is try to take the fun out of their applications, out of their website.

What do you hope people take away from your speaking engagement on November 25th?

I’m hoping that the people take away the ideas for how to utilize the principles of play and game design to make their own companies better. Being able to connect with their customers more effectively and add value to their businesses.
And if they can just walk away with one idea I’ll be happy – play is functional. We want people to think in those terms. Your application is more functional, useful and more valuable if you can use the principles of play to engage people emotionally and intellectually in getting them working with you instead of making it a chore.

Who: Michael Fergusson of Ayogo and Selma Zafar of Openroad Communications
What: Applying Game Design for Business Success
Where: Vancouver Public Library
When: Nove 25, 2009 6-8pm Wosk Board Room (7th Floor)

Ayogo creates and distributes casual social games on social networks (such as Facebook) and smartphones (such as the iPhone). Our development and marketing platform gives brands the ability to engage and motivate their customers to action, and opens up lucrative new streams of micropayment-based revenue for content creators. Ayogo helps you harness the power of play to deliver concrete, measurable business results.