Playing Poker for Startups

Chips for Trips organizes poker tournaments for startups entrepreneurs to travel to conferences and meetings around the world and the first ever tournament is happening on July 19th in Montreal.

The idea is simple – poker is a fun way for people in the startup community to network. We’ve had tables with Angels, VCs, entrepreneurs and students. It’s the new golf. We’re turning this fun event into a fundraising opportunity. We’ve chosen travel grants for entrepreneurs as our theme. Why? Startups benefit by traveling to conferences. They expand their minds and their networks. But travel is expensive. That’s where Chips for Trips can help.

Chips for Trips was founded by a group of entrepreneurs in Montreal and is brought to you by the fine folks at Flow Ventures. The chief instigators are Raymond Luk, Peter Bailey, Robin Ahn, and Jeff Talajic.

Montreal’s first tourney takes place at The Sparrow from 6:30 – 11:00pm on Monday, July 19th. The format will be No Limit Texas Hold’Em and its cost $25 for a seat and $20 re-buys.

Seats just sold out but there is a waitlist you can add your name to or if you’re feeling generous you can grab a dealer’s seat.  Register online.