PocketPro could be the best golf coach you’ve ever had

Winnipeg golf champion Terry Hashimoto may have struck it big by designing a hardware and software combo to measure and record the physics behind a golf swing.

PocketPro, a Bluetooth-enabled iOS product, uses a 10-gram clip mounted on the shaft of a club. The clip has three accelerometers and three gyroscopes to measure data like swing speed, torque, tempo and the face angle at impact. The data can be recorded and saved to an iOS device for looking over later, and can generate a 3D model of what your swing looks like.

And now that True Temper, the world’s largest manufacturer of golf club shafts has taken note, PocketPro could become a cash cow for Hashimoto and his team. True Temper first became aware of PocketPro in March of 2010, and they have been investigating the product’s usefulness to the future of club design since then.

From The Winnipeg Free Press:

Chad Hall, director of product marketing and global tour operations for True Temper, described it as a “very clever” technology and he’s anxiously awaiting a prototype from Hashimoto so the company can begin to estimate its full potential.

“There’s a high level of excitement on our part right now to drive it toward being a commercial product,” he said.

Hall said it would be “really valuable” in being able to give a shaft recommendation to golfers immediately after they had provided a swing demonstration.

“There’s also an opportunity to be able to walk up to a tour player and say, ‘let’s do this real quick.’ (The information they’d receive) would give them the confidence that they’re playing with the correct shaft or if we made a little tweak, they’d be even more fine-tuned than they are right now,” he said.

PocketPro seems like the best swing coach out there. It offers unprecedented details into what goes on with your golf swing, and might just turn you into a better golfer. Just keep in mind that while throwing a club in frustration is okay once in a while, don’t throw your iPhone when you’re pissed off on the links. They don’t do well after being tossed into a sand trap.

For more information on PocketPro, visit their website here.