Podcamp Toronto 2011 – Corporate blogging tips from Rogers, ING Direct, KOBO and RIM #pcto2011

Next on the docket was a presentation by Rogers about corporate blogging. It featured people from Rogers, RIM, ING Direct and Kobo. According to the moderator corporate blogs were huge 4 years ago but only recently have been seeing a resurgence.

The first question was if blogging was dead. The panel agreed that four years ago blogs we’re heavily focused on one way communication and being in control of the message. Blogs would just be a place for simple company news, press releases and boring updates.

Now a days you’re blog needs to be two way. You can’t control the message any more. You need to let bad comments happen and use them to help you grow.

So what about content?

To expand on the two-way communication idea you need to find out where your readers want to go. Do they want a how-to blog that helps with common questions? Do they want to see behind the scenes of your company? Do people just want some personality? Once you figure out where you’re readers want to go you have to make sure you always listen to them. What they want can change.

How do you market the blog?

There wasn’t really a solid answer to this one. Most just link to it from their website. One idea though was to syndicate your content through Twitter and Facebook. This not only advertised the blog but also helped with building a community. It’s that community that makes the blog successful. Either through blog comments or Retweets.

An easy way to syndicate your content is with Twitterfeed. It’s a free service that takes your RSS feed and automatically tweets and updates your Facebook whenever you post something new.

To be honest I expected more from such a distinguished panel but in reality they don’t need to get too creative when it comes to marketing or content when a they get huge amounts of traffic simply by being ‘official.’