Podcasters put down the mic and pick up a beverage this Wednesday

Podcasting has gone from a niche activity amongst cutting-edge internerds to, if not a business, than certainly a vital component of both media makers and people looking to put out a mesage. But fundamentally, podcasting is like any other medium in that it’s telling a story. And those willing to tear themselves away from their keyboard for an evening can listen to premier storyteller James Chutter (who recently presented at Northern Voice) about the long storytelling position that they’re a part of, as part of his presentation, “Orality 2.0”. He’ll discuss how the oral storytelling tradition has not only developed through history but also bllomed in its own right with the advent of digital culture and new ways of expressing oneself online.

And Chutter should know, having worked as a photographer, filmmaker, blogger, and as guiding hand for corporate types looking to get involved in the internet.

It all goes down at the podcaster’s meetup at La Fontana Cafe in Burnaby on Wednesday, March 18th, between 6:00 and 8:00 p.m.