Polar Mobile masters media coverage

Great article in today’s Financial Post about Polar Mobile and their founder Kunal Gupta. Young entrepreneurs out their might remember Gupta most recently for his work as the Founder of the Impact Entrepreneurship Group. Well, he’s at it again but this time as an entrepreneur himself.

If you’ve ever spent time reading a magazine on your iPhone or BlackBerry, chances are good you helped make Kunal Gupta a little bit richer by doing so.

While the average person probably has never heard of Mr. Gupta’s Toronto-based startup, Polar Mobile, if they read Sports Illustrated, TIME Magazine or BusinessWeek on their BlackBerry or iPhone, they’re using his software.

Despite that mainstream anonymity, within the Canadian technology and media communities, privately-held Polar is one of the hottest properties in the rapidly expanding Canadian mobile software industry, generating an audible buzz and a great deal of attention from the technology community and would-be investors.

This National Post coverage comes on the heels of a Business Incubator piece less than one week ago in the Globe and Mail.

Polar Mobile was founded in 2007 and is now 25 employees strong. No doubt one of those is a public relations maven with a pretty good rolodex.