Polar Mobile scores with FIFA World Cup app

As Spain beat the Netherlands to win the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, soccer fans around the globe turned to Toronto-based Polar Mobile’s WC2010 App on their BlackBerry smartphones to review the nail-biting finish.  fifa

Kunal Gupta is CEO for Polar Mobile:

We are proud that WC2010 was one of the fastest growing and most popular Apps for BlackBerry users during the World Cup.  Sports fans demand a killer user experience on their mobile device and we continue to deliver exactly that.

An in-depth presentation with the performance of the App can be found online. Here are a few highlights from the presentation:

  • 265,000+ App downloads in 30 days
  • 43% of subs used the App everyday
  • Users in over 50 Countries, top 5 included (in order): US, Indonesia, UK, Canada and South Africa

WC2010 is available as a Free App download from BlackBerry App World – search “WC2010” or “Polar”. 

Did you use the App?  What were your thoughts?  Did you use mobile apps to follow this past World Cup? If so, which one?