Politicians and Twitter – all together in one place

CKA Networks‘ Trevor May hopes that his new PoliTwitter website that will change the way Canadians see politics.

PoliTwitter is a non-partisan service that uses Twitter to connect elected MPs and MLAs with their Canadian constituents with the goal of increasing engagement and promoting open government. Users can keep track of what politicians are saying and doing, and what regular Canadians have to say about the issues, all in one location.

Tweets can be viewed federally and provincially, or narrowed down by partisan affiliation, province, and special events. Since it’s built on Twitter, the site also allows for real-time updates – invaluable during fast-paced events like elections.

In addition, PoliTwitter archives all political tweets, so there is a permanent record that can be used for statistical analysis, trending and a public record.

Back in April, Techvibes highlighted a very comprehensive list of BC politicians on Twitter but PoliTwitter takes the concept one step further by allowing users to slice and dice by multiple categories all in one graphical interface.