Politicians use taxpayers’ money so they can buy iPads to play Angry Birds

Cabinet ministers, as well as senior public servants, are now allowed to expense the cost of iPad purchases (directly coming from the taxpayers’ pool).

It was recently ruled by The Board of Internal Economy that MPs cannot expense the use of iPads because they cannot run on Microsoft software, but President of the Treasury Board, Stockwell Day, believes this is wrong.

Stockwell says using taxpayer money to buy iPads is justified. (His team purchased 23 of them in the summer as part of a pilot project.) He says this while he approves spending cuts to hospitality and travel sectors. He also says this while confessing to The Globe and Mail that he uses his iPad to play Angry Birds.

It has been observed that iPads, being electronic devices rather than paper, are susceptible to targeted cyberattacks and may pose serious security threats if they hold highly private, important political documents. Stockwell says it’s fine because iPads are protected by passwords—as if such a form of protection is even an obstacle for high-end hacks.

Should Stockwell continue this unjustified nonsense, he’s going to find a lot more anger than just birds in a video game soon enough.