Poll: what problems are affecting mobile developers?

ComboApp wants to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth: what problems are facing mobile developers these days?

The mobile marketing and PR agency plans to poll 50,000 developers to find out the problems they are having with the creative process, development, the final release and marketing of applications; the entire process of creating apps. ComboApp says that they want to use this information to paint a broad picture of the challenges within the industry so that they can help developers with those challenges.

“When we decided to survey our clients we realized that we didn’t only need to gather up a large number of responders, we also needed to make sure that our questions were concise and hard hitting enough to know how these studios developed, marketed and released their products. We knew that we couldn’t tip toe around issues if we hoped to make our services noticeably better,” said Julia Guzunova, Marketing Director at ComboApp.

The survey is being done in collaboration with iPhone Life magazine, Telus Mobility, BlackBerry and Handango.

To check out the survey and give your input about the state of mobile development, click here.