Poor Guy: Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Made Only $1.3 Million Instead of $2 Million This Year

Steve Ballmer isn’t bringing home his full bonus. Cue the world’s smallest violin.

Due to slow progress in online services and failure to comply with an agreement with European regulators, Microsoft decided to trim the fiscal 2012 bonus for the sweaty chief executive officer. Instead of making his maximum $2.05 million, Steve raked in just $1.3 million—which falls short of his earnings last year.

It’s also short of the executive average. Spokesman Peter Wootton suggested that most Microsoft executives earned a fiscal 2012 bonus of 90% to 120% of their base salary. So, basically, they made their annual income twice over.

But you can’t actually call Ballmer greedy: he opts out of receiving stock compensation, which would be worth several million dollars at least.

Steve’s base salary is $685,000, or about 10 times the median total income Canada. Fairness would include his half-bonus, though, which means he earned 18 times. (No emphasis on “earned.”) So in two decades or so, you can be as rich as he was… two decades before.