PopCap games to distribute games through interactive displays at stores the ladies like

As a man, nothing spells torture quite like going on a shopping trip with your beloved spouse. Let’s face it; she never takes you anywhere cool and it takes forever. I’m sorry to be so blunt, ladies, but shopping with you is pretty lame.

Well, trips to female-centric stores like Bed Bath & Beyond and Jo-Ann Fabrics might become a little more bearable thanks to PopCap Games. The casual gaming giant, known for titles like Bejeweled, Zuma and Bookworm will be setting up interactive displays at the aforementioned Bed Bath & Beyond and Jo-Ann Fabrics as well as Costco and more to come in the future.

The purpose of the displays is to sell PopCap’s chart-topping titles, but will give customers an opportunity to play the games as well for free. PopCap is eager to have these displays in stores because “it gives us direct access to our core 35–55 year old female audience as they shop in retail stores,” as Glenn Drover, senior director of retail sales at PopCap puts it.

Something tells me that PopCap might soon have their hands on a core “bored as hell husband/boyfriend audience” soon.