The Most Popular YouTube Ads of 2015

Google Canada has released the 2015 Canadian YouTube Ads Leaderboard, celebrating the most popular video ads among Canadian viewers of the year.

This year’s top trending ads demonstrate that brands are now creating content that’s meant to entertain.

This year, the average length of the top ads is 1:37 minutes, far surpassing the typical 30-second TV spot. The Top 10 ads had more than 257 million views in 2015, and average watch time duration for the Top 10 ads is 72%.

1. Clash of Clans: Revenge (Official Super Bowl TV Commercial) by OfficialClashOfClans

2. Great Plan (Official TV Commercial) by OfficialBoomBeach

3. Always #LikeAGirl – Unstoppable by AlwaysBrand

4. #BestBuds | 2015 Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial “Lost Dog” by Budweiser

5. Dove Men+Care shares your first fatherhood moments this Father’s Day by dovemencareus

6. Reebok – Freak Show – Be More Human by Reebok

7. Duracell Star Wars Commercial: Battle for Christmas Morning by OfficialDuracell

8.  “The Recital” by Quaker Canada

9.  #WhoWillYouHelp by ONgov

10.  Tim Hortons Drive Thru Rookies with Sid & Nate by TimHortons